Stunt On Ya Haters

[Hook: Ca$h Out]
15 hundred dollars on my shoes
Water, water, water all in my jewels
They fucking with me, they know me so cool
I'm feeling like Bishop, I got the juice
Stunt on your haters [x4]
15 hundred dollars on my shoes
Water, water, water all in my jewels

[Verse 1: Ca$h Out]
30 thousand wrist, [?]
Fucked your bitch first, then we went dating
They want to have my money and my britches
Therefore I leave them [?] stitches
[?] need her money, you just forgot to mention
Bitches texting me, talking bout they want all my inches
I get paid just to look at me, so that's pay attention
You niggas broke, and you niggas thieves, I know you grinching
I got your ho, pockets on sloppy joe
Knocking your bitches down, calling that dominos
Feed her some dominos, take myself out to Pappadeauxs'
Haters everywhere, haters everywhere
Tons of gold bottles and let's have a toast


[Verse 2: Waka Flocka Flame]
I'm stunting on haters, I'm getting this money
My cars is exotic, I'm fucking her fashion
Raised in apartments, I live in a mansion
VVS in my stone and my diamonds keep dancing
My girl black and latin, she cool with me trapping
She one of a kind, that ass got a patent
The police showed up and they asked her what happened
She said get my lawyer, I just start laughing
All of my shoes, 15 hundred on everything
Designer my fabric, I think I'm the shit
Pardon my manners
Wore my fit once, ain't no use for no hamper
Grab my bandana
I'm from the south where we call it black-lanta
I stunt on my haters, I ball on you fucks
Draped out in gold, like I'm King Tut
Big Cuban link, like I got Midas touch
I roll it, I roll it, I smoke it, I smoke it
I'm drinking this lean till a young nigga throw up
Ca$h out, my nigga, you know I fuck with you
Got bottles of liquor, come pour you some more up
Giuseppe my footprints, I got the blueprint
To make dollars it took sense, broke niggas a nuisance



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