“Go Crybaby”


When you've taking all you find
I cant tell what isn't mine.
Now, I cant reduce the fever,
and no matter how I try,
there's a pain that isn't real
from the moment you can feel.
You begin to lose your power,
it was such a rotten deal

From the pain, you no you're not asleep now.
You lost his face. It's all that matters anyhow.

Go baby cry.
Fallen voices paying for all the time.
Come on now. It's your mistake and it takes forever.
Go baby cry.
Fallen voices paying for all our crimes,
go on now. If you want to cry.
Go baby cry.

I surround you with these walls,
hallowed wise and narrow halls.
I suppose you think it's funny, getting wasted on us all.
There's a wound you never reach.
One you bandage and you leach.
There's a chill tonight around us,
cutting off from all release.

For every day, we spend another week now.
It's my mistake, but I could never see how.

[Chorus x2]

Go baby cry.


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